Podcasts Featuring Marc

Spinutech CEO Marc Reifenrath has been making the rounds as a podcast guest, sharing the story of how Spinutech grew from 3 to 150+ team members and the importance of fostering a company culture that attracts A-players from across the U.S. Check out some of his most recent appearances below.

That's a Job? Podcast with Nate Clayberg

Nate Clayberg and Marc speak about how being open to change and and creating a positive work environment that you personally would want to work in. In addition, Marc shares valuable advice for young people.

Human Capital Innovations (HCI) Podcast, with Jonathan H. Westover, PhD

In this HCI Podcast episode, Dr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Marc Reifenrath about people as your organization's competitive advantage.

The Sticky From The Inside Podcast

On this podcast Andy Goram and Marc Reifenrath sit down to speak about the importance of core values in separating top-performing businesses from the competition.

Building Better Managers

On this episode of Building Better Managers, Marc and Wendy Hanson discuss how all problems should be evaluated with core values top of mind.

Terminal Value

In this episode of Terminal Value, Marc speaks with Doug Utberg about how the sales funnel is impacted by driving more targeted traffic to websites and how Spinutech converts this traffic to sales.

The Culture of Leadership

On this podcast with Brendan Rogers, Marc dives into the importance of the first 100 days of a new team member with an emphasis on how early investment from leadership ensures team members are successful.

How to Build - and Retain - a Team of A-Listers

In his conversation with Jane Singer, Marc shares why the first 100 days are critical for a new team member, how the right core values attract A-players from diverse backgrounds, and why people are a key competitive advantage — even in a digitally-driven world.

Make Your Dreams Big Enough with Spinutech's Marc Reifenrath

Marc talks with host Sheila Kloefkorn about Spinutech’s commitment to getting better everyday and creating the best work for our clients.

My Remarkable Journey with Marc Reifenrath

To kick off Kevin Eikenberry’s “My Remarkable Journey” series, Marc explains why he believes his success is due to keeping his core values steady and in-focus over the years.

Why the first 100 days of a new employee are critical with Marc Reifenrath

On this podcast with Lindsay Lapaquette, Marc shares what Spinutech does with each team member during their first 100 days on the job and discusses the importance of CEO involvement in building a lived vs. an aspirational workplace culture.

How to Make Your Company’s Culture Your Secret Sauce

Marc and host Dean Newlund discuss why networking is worth your time, how confidence and finding team players can be differentiators, and creating collisions in the online workplace.

Implementing Core Values and A Conducive Culture for Virtual Teams

Marc shares with hosts Mitch Simon and Ginny Bianco-Mathis how Spinutech strives to create a conducive work culture through feedback, and how the business focuses on team members’ growth as they work across 5 office locations and remotely in 25+ states.

It’s Never Too Early to Lead through Core Values with Marc Reinfenrath

Marc and host Rick Girard discuss the fact that today — more than ever — people desire to be in alignment with the values of their organization and why that makes it imperative to weave your core values into the fabric of your company.

A company culture that supports clients digital marketing success

With host Kimberli Lewis, Mark talks about how Spinutech’s success as a digital marketing and web development agency is based not just on understanding how to capitalize on trends, but on a foundational culture that supports both clients and team members.

What? Less Than 5% Employee Turnover! Learn How

As Marc shares with host David Russell in this podcast, we have a competitive advantage at Spinutech: People. It’s one thing to recruit them and another thing entirely to retain them, and Marc describes how culture is the key to retention.

Fresh Ideas to Build Your Culture and Attract Top Talent with Marc Reifenrath

Marc and host Laura Camacho discuss the importance of core values as the building blocks of your company, plus the communication practices Spinutech uses to build culture, motivate and develop talent, and give and receive effective feedback.

How You Find, and Keep, the Best People

In this conversation with Todd Eberhardt, Marc shares how Spinutech approaches recruitment and the role our core values play in finding the right talent.

Work-Life Balance Matters Long-term with Marc Reifenrath at Spinutech

With host Gene Hammett, Marc discusses work/life balance and his belief that leaders have a responsibility to support team members in setting healthy boundaries.

Marc Reifenrath — Attract & Retain A-Players

Marc and host Bill Gallagher talk about placing company values at the core of your problem-solving strategy, getting aligned on core values after a merger, and evaluating new talent to find a fit for your company culture.

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