Speaking Opportunities: Marc Reifenrath, CEO

As Spinutech's co-founder and CEO, Marc loves to share the story of scaling from 3 to 150+ team members and fostering a company culture that attracts A-players from diverse backgrounds.

Who is Marc?

Marc is the CEO of Spinutech, a full-service digital marketing agency with 150+ team members across the U.S. In that capacity, he understands firsthand how critical a company’s culture is to achieving and maintaining success.

Marc has helped Spinutech grow from a college start-up to one of the premier full-service digital marketing agencies in the country — a level of growth and success recognized 5 years in a row by Inc. 5000. The secret ingredient? Company values that are truly lived, including a commitment to “Get Better Every Day”. Marc would be the first to tell you that Spinutech would not be what it is today without a team of people who are as invested in each other’s growth and success as they are in delivering the best for our clients.

Outside of growing his team and working with clients, Marc enjoys family time, golfing, and traveling.


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Podcast Appearances

Speaking Topics

People as a Competitive Advantage: Improve Retention and Turnover

Many digital agencies experience a high churn rate — and many leaders are oblivious to an easily accessible advantage to get ahead: the people they choose to hire are the ones who determine whether they succeed or not.

Marc can share how he views people as a competitive advantage, plus how Spinutech made it through its first 10 years in business with zero turnover and still has four of the first five team members on staff. Even with a recent company merger and the Great Resignation, Spinutech is still way ahead of the industry average of 20% annual turnover. Marc wants to share the lessons he’s learned.

From Start-up to 150+ Team Members

Marc loves marketing, loves to sell, and enjoys helping other people sell. His ability to pick up on small skills and details, learn from failures, and apply lessons resulted in joining with two friends to start Spinutech as a resume-builder — then growing it into a full-service web development and digital marketing agency.

Marc can share his 22-year journey from entrepreneur to CEO and explain why hiring the right way is paramount to business success and growing team culture. Specifically: Why should you apply a filter when hiring and ask yourself first, “Is this best for the team?” And if the answer is yes, then ask, “Is this best for the business?”

Marc also can explain why and how Spinutech invests time for every team member to grow and improve each week.

The Right Core Values: Attract A-Players from Diverse Backgrounds

Business leaders all have the same tools to use, but do they know how to use them? Marc loves to share how Spinutech defines core values (such as “We Get Better Every Day”), reinforces them, and uses them to attract the A-players and disqualify those who are culturally misaligned and therefore unfit to join the team. He can also explain why you can’t fake core values and why they need to come from within and be “lived,” plus the reason leadership has to be 100% aligned on those values and lead by example to attract people aligned with them.

The First 100 Days of a New Team Member

Most companies have no process designed for bringing on new team members – it’s baptism by fire. Company cultures become watered down because team members and leaders aren’t willing to receive feedback or give it. Leaders struggle to build loyalty and understand if their team is all in…or just in it for the paycheck.

Marc can share why the first 100 days after a new team member joins the company are critical for injecting culture DNA and core values. He can share why he spends an hour with every new team member during onboarding to discuss Spinutech’s culture and values, and why building loyalty is crucial to creating defenders of that culture.

Your Suggestion

If there is a specific topic you would like Marc to speak about, let us know. He can speak about these topics — and many others! — or bring in another Spinutech expert to assist:

  • What to look for in a digital agency partner
  • Digital marketing topics and trends (various)
  • Web design and development topics and trends (various)