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Jack Thornton

As a native Chicagoan blessed with the ability to process lactose, Jack has a ranking of Pizza joints that runs a dozen deep. An Illinoisan cursed with an interest in politics, he is highly susceptible to bribes. Jack is a Project Manager at Spinutech, though he prefers the term "Client Liaison" because he thinks it sounds sexier [Ed: it doesn't, Jack. Please stop calling yourself that]. Jack refers to himself in the 3rd-person with an alarming frequency, as if he's an alien still unclear on the concept of human personhood [Ed: we're not sure]. Jack believes that cinema is our greatest artistic medium and that Soderbergh is the van Gogh of our time. Jack lives with a cat but claims he doesn't own her because: "Can you ever really OWN a cat?" [Ed: You cannot. Although a cat can certainly own you.]

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