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Spinutech Halloween 2015

10 Creative Halloween Costumes, Including Donald Trump

By Eric Bonzer on October 28, 2015 in Company News

Another Halloween is upon us and it's gonna be HUUUUGE! Check out Donald Trump, a lumberjack, a shark, Elvis, Doc Holliday, a piece of bacon, a bad sweater, Marty McFly (Back to the Future), Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) and a bat-on-the-face!

1. A shark ATE me!

Terrin in Shark Outfit

Other titles considered... "I know Katy Perry", "Stop!... Hammer time", "Sharknado"

2. Which way to Tombstone?

Shane as Doc Holliday

Other titles considered... "I'm your Huckleberry", "Say when...", "You're no daisy, You're no daisy at all."

3. Thank you WHO for saving my life

Bacon Luke

Other titles considered... "I definitely smell a pork product of some type", "50% meat, 50% everything else", "Don't go bacon my heart"

4. You're fired! Wait, hired... with double pay... to build my beautiful wall

Joel as Donald Trump

Other titles considered... "It's gonna be HUUUUGE!", "Iowa State Fair Reject", "I had to buy the white hat because some punk kid bought the last red one"

5. Lumber-licious

Eric Lumberjack

Other titles considered... "I rip down trees with my bare hands", "I <3 trees", "Paul Bunyan action figure"

6. Hunka, hunky burnin' love

Dave as Elvis

Other titles considered... "I'm all shook up", "Quick, take the photo, I'm about to tip over", "I might not know Karate, but I do know Ka-razy".

7. Wait, this isn't the ugly sweater party?

Britt in ugly sweater

Other titles considered... "Is it Christmas yet?", "Can I open a present early?".

8. 'Merica

Alan as Willie

Other titles considered... "Willie time!", "Can you see me? Didn't think so.", "Where did I set my Busch Light?"

9. Make like a tree ... and get out of here

Josh as Marty McFly

Other titles considered... "Great Scott!", "This is heavy", "I'm not chicken!", "I've got to get back...", "My favorite band is Huey Lewis and the News"

10. Bat sh*t crazy!

Lauren with a bat on her face

Other titles considered... "I have a bat on my face", "Batwoman", "Bat'er up?"

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