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Halloween costumes

10 Incredibly Clever Halloween Costumes for Web Designers and Web Developers

By Marc Reifenrath on October 31, 2014 in Company News

Halloween is here, but not everyone dressed up. Can you guess which are Halloween costumes, and which are just Casual Friday attire?!?

1. Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!

Spinutech Halloween - Super Man

2. For Truth, Justice, and the American way! Stars and Stripes!!!

Spinutech Halloween - Captain America

3. No, I'm fine...I am...I think I just need another cup of coffee.

Spinutech Halloween - Sick Doctor

4. This wittle won is weally tiwed.

Spinutech Halloween - Baby getup

5. These abs are SO ripped up...we call it the Situation.

Spinutech Halloween - The situation

6. Hair...from a can...for this man...and it's suuure good looking.

Spinutech Halloween - As Seen On TV

7. Gimme all your fruit snacks!...and make it quick!

Spinutech Halloween - Mystery Man

8. I feel the need...the need, for speed!

Spinutech Halloween - Top Gun

9. 404 NOT FOUND the requested costume was not found in this post.

Spinutech Halloween - 404 Costume not found

10. (sigh)... let's just say, it took us a while to figure this one out...a long while.

(hint-hint: 3 words. Timer on iPad is counting up.)

Spinutech Halloween - Black Hawk County

11. Happy Halloween from Spinutech! :)

Spinutech Halloween - Group shot

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