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Halloween 2k16 Roster

By Katie Thompson on October 31, 2016 in Company News

We've strapped on our boots, carefully put our facial hair into place, and accessorized with axes, Eggos and babies... It's time to reveal the 2k16 Halloween Roster.



Hometown: Forest Kingdom
Favorite Hobbies: Battling those who try to invade my kingdom.
Played by: Lauren

Corey Kluber, "Klubot"


Hometown: Coppell, Texas; but now I live in Cleveland
Favorite Hobbies: Baseball, pitching, batting, fielding, eating sunflower seeds and beating the Cubs.
Played by: Brianne

Bob the Builder


Hometown: Spring City
Hobbies: Building stuff, talking to machines, inspiring others that: "Yes they can!"
Played by: Cory

Meredith Grey


Hometown: Seattle, WA
Interests/Hobbies: Being dark and twisty. Hanging out with my BFF Christina. Deciding if I should be with McDreamy.
Played by: Sarah

Des Moines Crew


Paul Bunyan


Hometown: Legendary folklore, believed to be from either Minnesota or Maine.
Favorite Pastimes: I love to carry an ax, even when there's no apparent reason to carry one. And of course, spending time with "Babe!"
Played by: Paul

Charlie "Chuck" Brown


Hometown: I split my time between homes in Hennepin County, MN and Santa Rosa, CA.
Favorite Pastimes: Playing baseball and football, playing with my dog Snoopy and hopelessly trying to understand my teacher.
Played by: Luke



Hometown: Los Angeles
Favorite Pastimes: Going to Vegas with my wolfpack, babysitting Carlos and listening to the Jonas Brothers.
Played by: Mark

Eleven, also goes by Ele


Hometown: The Upside Down
Favorite Pastimes: Enjoys eating Eggos, using special powers against bullies, not talking to people, and hiding from demogorgons.
Played by: Katie



Hometown: East Lake High School
Favorite Memory: Making the Spartan cheerleading squad.
Played by: Joel

Jake Arrieta


Hometown: Farmington, Missouri
Favorite Pastimes: No-hitters, doing pilates and drinking kale juice
Played by: Eric

Wednesday Addams


Looking For: An accomplice in homicidal endeavors. Must love spiders. Also, no hugging.
Favorite Pastimes: Raising spiders, poison.
Heroes & Idols: My Great Aunt Calpurnia Addams who was burned as a witch in 1706.
Played by: Britt



Hometown: Jurassic Park
Hobbies: Eating meat, stepping on safari jeeps, and making sure no one eats the hoomans except for me!
Played by: Tyler

Agent Steve Murphy


Hometown: Miami, Florida
Hobbies: Busting up drug deals and Medellin Cartel members.
Best Friend: Javier Pena
Worst Enemy: Pablo Escobar
Played by: Shane

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