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New Des Moines Digs

Posted on October 12, 2016 in Company News

For the past few years, our growing Des Moines team has been crowded in a 1800 square foot office space. Don't get us wrong, we like each other and nobody (except Jeremy) bites, but we definitely were maxing out on the available space. Fast forward to today and we are now LOVING our newly designed, 4750 square foot office.

For the second time now, we worked with Imperial Construction as our contractor. Travis and his team are always flexible while keeping things on track with timeline and budget. We are so thankful for all the hard work put into our new space.

On the design side of the project we worked with the crew at Slingshot Architecture. We can't say enough good things about the work their team produced. They were thoughtful about not 'over designing' the space, but achieving a really consistent flow throughout. Equally as important, they were cognizant of our budget and made smart decisions about where to spend money and where not to. We originally thought we could design something simple and it would be 'good enough'; hiring Slingshot was the best decision we made - they truly exceeded all of our expectations for what we could accomplish with the space.


Our new location for Spinutech consists of largely open office and collaboration space with sound controlled areas for client meetings, private meetings and private phone calls.


Our goal was to develop an office space specific to the brand, vision and workflow of the Spinutech team. The office layout provides us a way to maximize all the natural light and views of nearby green space.


Our wood 'hedge' walls, are a definite highlight of the space. The industrial look throughout the building & office needed something warmer to contrast it - and the natural cedar turned out to be the accent we were looking for.


The combination of open ceiling and other ceiling elevations adds a very distinct look to the space.


And of course, a Spinutech office wouldn't be a Spinutech office without a fully stocked snack pantry and fridge!



Since our move in May, our staff in the Des Moines office has grown over 50%! We are very excited about the new additions to our team, but are hopeful that we don't fill up the office too quickly as we want to enjoy our new space for a while!

Come by sometime and check it out! We've got snacks...

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