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Scavenger Hunt

The Team Goes on a Hunt: The Sequel

By Marc Reifenrath on January 19, 2015 in Company News

Last year's Spinutech Scavenger Hunt was such a hit, that a sequel was sure to be had. Below are the rules and the objectives...oh, and of course the photos/videos...


You must get pictures of the below list.  If the picture involves a stranger, you can’t use the same stranger for multiple pictures.  No laws can be broken during this scavenger hunt.  Points will be awarded and totaled based on a scale that no one will understand except for the judges.  You are playing for pride, not prize.


  • Team picture with a dog/cat
  • At least one team member sitting on a motorcycle
  • Selfie with a bumper sticker (the best one)
  • Team picture in front of an American flag
  • Selfie with someone wearing anything John Deere
  • Team picture with Christmas lights
  • Video of your team singing a Christmas carol to strangers
  • Video of your team singing a Christmas carol with strangers; more strangers = more points
  • Video of you getting a stranger to play charades with you. You have to get them to guess you are Taylor Swift. Then Prince... Then Barney the dinosaur. 
  • High fiving a stranger
  • Video of three of your members having a dance party with a stranger... Music must be “Shake it off”
  • Get one of your team members shoe sole autographed by a stranger
  • Video of at least one team member doing the macarena dance with a stranger
  • All team members in a really tight spot (I can’t believe we all fit in here!)
  • Have a conversation with a stranger playing the “meow instead of now” game, minimum of 5 “meow’s” in the conversation (video)
  • A picture of a team member and a stranger doing the Johnny Manziel money fingers.
  • Video of one of your team members and a stranger in a back and forth movie quote battle from the movie Elf. (They say a quote, then you do and so on until one person can’t come up with another quote)

Spinutech Team Scavenger Hunt

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - fit into small spaces

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - small spaces

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - picture on a motorcycle

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - Johnny Manzel "money fingers"

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - picture with a john deere clothing item

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - give a stranger a high five

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - sign a shoe, high five

Spinutech Scavenger Hunt - american flag

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