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Scavenger Hunt

The Team Goes on a Hunt

By Cory Schmidt on January 7, 2014 in Company News

We here at Spinutech like to have a little fun every once in a while. To be honest, we have fun every day but the event below was above and beyond our standard.

Once a month the members of our Des Moines office come up to Cedar Falls and we have a company meeting. It’s a fun event including lunch, a review of new sites that have launched, and we get to know a new employee or two. It felt like any other meeting until The Spinutech Great Photo Scavenger Hunt was announced. We were compiled into teams, grabbed our jackets, and were given the following list of crazy things to do.

The Rules

You must get pictures of the below list. If the picture involves a stranger, you cannot use the same stranger for multiple pictures. No laws can be broken during this scavenger hunt. Points will be awarded and totaled based on a scale that no one will understand except for the judges. You are playing for pride, not prize.

The list:

Sliding Down a Slide

High Fiving a Stranger

Arm Wrestle

Group Selfie

ATM Selfie

Dance Party

Arm Autograph

Chicken Dance

Ice Cream

Tight Space


Musical Instrument

Upside Down

After running around town and completely all of the tasks, we had collected over a 100 pictures and videos. They provided everyone with a good laugh and some future black mail material.

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