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A/B testing your website

A/B Testing: The Three Things You Should Be Testing On Your Website

By Marc Reifenrath on March 28, 2016 in Design

A/B testing is something that is so easy to do with your website. It allows you to make decisions based off of actual data. 

If someone on your team has an "opinion" on what types of changes would produce better results I recommend proving it with actual data. I'm a big believer that you should constantly be running an A/B test on something. Even when you find a winner it never hurts to test the fine details to see what can push the results just a bit higher.

When Gmail first came out I read an article about how Google tested over 50 colors for one button within the UI. One thing to remember with that story is that not all of us get the same amount of traffic as Gmail does. With that much traffic you are able to create a very large data set to prove that many options. Either way, that is a large number of colors to test just for one button.

Three Easy Ways To Start Testing

Assuming you haven't done any A/B testing on your site let's pick out three simple areas to test. Typically A/B testing is done around an action oriented portion of your site. We want to make something better as a result of the change made. This is almost always around our Call To Action (CTA's) points. Depending on your type of business, audience(s) and volume of traffic these three areas are a great starting point.

Homepage CTA's

Your homepage is a busy intersection. Most websites cater to multiple audiences with different needs. A common homepage will have multiple CTA's driving the user to the various next steps.

Test those!

Test the placement, wording, color, size and more. Make sure you only try one element at once to narrow in on what exact changes are making the difference.

Lead Forms

Lead forms are finicky. There is the constant balance of wanting all the information versus getting just enough to call it a lead. I would challenge you to test removing or combining fields to start with. Each field you remove will increase form fills.

Another test changing the wording on the "submit" button. Give it a great description of the next step like "Start Your Trial Now". Testing the color of the submit button can also produce results.

Landing Pages

A good landing page should look like that "after" version of a Hoarders Buried Alive episode.

Keep it simple and remove anything that will distract from a conversion. Test copy, imagery, lead form placement and more.

Remember to do the three steps to every sale on your landing pages. Features and benefits, overcome objections and ask for the sale. Test how you do all three of those steps.

How To A B testing Your Website

Google Webmaster Tools offers a simple A/B testing solution. This allows you to directly tie the testing into your Google Analytics to show results.

I'd recommend a minimum of 30 days for any test and in some cases you may want to go longer if your traffic volume is lower. Opinions are often wrong and not backed with data.

With A/B testing we can formulate factual statements based on our findings therefore removing opinions from the equation.

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