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Design Review

Behind the Scenes - Design Review

By Eric Bonzer on November 11, 2013 in Design

No, the picture above isn't our team quizzically studying the latest Miley video – we're conducting an internal design review on a current project. The website critique is an important part of our process at Spinutech. What better way to nail down the details, than by having a team full of designers take a look, and while everyone gives great feedback...we do occasionally have to duke-it-out (Tiger Uppercut!). 

So why do we take the time for internal web design reviews?

Improve Design

More eyes can help spot areas that are weak and need improvement. Sometimes it takes just a few changes to make a good design, a great design.

Review Goals and Requirements

Helps prevent details from falling through the cracks. Small details often turn out to be the most important parts of a project.

Refine the Message

Before we present the design to the client, the presentation is practiced on the group. Nothing formal but it helps us gather our thoughts and talking points.

Spread Knowledge

We all try our best to learn new things and share them with the group. It usually sounds like this…“Hey homie, try using this new technique when doing the html.” least something along those lines. :)

Whether you're a current client or a new one, rest assured your project and it's design has been reviewed and critiqued by at least 12 eyeballs!

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