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First Look: Spinternet Gets Analytics, QR Codes, and More

First Look: Spinternet Gets Analytics, QR Codes, and More

By Marc Reifenrath on January 26, 2012 in Development

Most web professionals will tell you that Google Analytics (or a similar service) is a must have when creating a website. By and large, it's the best way to measure your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Not only is it quite popular, it's also free. Google Analytics can do many, many things, but most often it seems to do one thing a little too well. Intimidate the user. Almost to a fault, the amount of features and statistics are near endless. To a web professional, it can be a dream come true...but to a common web user, it can be a nightmare.

That's why we're excited to announce a brand new set of features meant for the common user, built directly into Spinternet...a high level mix of Analytics information and time savers you're sure to love.

Analytics Dashboard
Every time you login to the new Spinternet, you'll be greeted by the brand new Analytics Dashboard. It features four distinct areas highlighting your site statistics for the last 30 days. The streamlined look and feel is meant for easy, at-a-glance browsing.

Visitors - How many visitors are you getting?
Visualize the number of visitors to your site at a glance, or rollover the line graph for date specific information.

Traffic Types - Where is your traffic coming from?
Compare the percentages of incoming traffic sources, or rollover the pie graph for the exact numbers.

Top Ten Keywords - What do people search for to find your site?
Understand how users found your site from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing plus what keywords brought the most traffic.

Top Ten Pages - What are your popular pages?
Recognize your most popular pages and notice their page titles and URL structure.

QR Codes
Gone are the days of manually creating QR codes one by one with an online generator. QR codes can now be auto-generated for every page you create in Spinternet and are easily located under the QR Code tab on a per page basis. They can even be downloaded, and ready for use in your marketing and advertising materials.
URL Builder
Spreading the word about your site and getting people to visit is one thing, but knowing exactly how they heard of it is even better. The URL Builder is designed to do just that. With ties to your existing Google Analytics account, the URL Builder creates shortened URLs (and QR codes) for a single page. By giving a separate URL for all your marketing efforts (i.e. email newsletter, banner ads, ppc ads, etc), you now can identify what's working and what's not.
301 Redirect
Sometimes URLs can get a little too long and it's typically unavoidable, but with 301 redirects you can literally create any URL you want. Best used for advertising purposes, especially when the page has to be memorized, 301 redirects can now be created directly in Spinternet.

Turn any long URL:
Into a short URL:

Plus, 301 redirects are the perfect way for you to transition your visitors away from old pages, and towards new pages during a new site launch.

Page Analytics
Where the Analytics Dashboard is great for a broad spectrum view, Page Analytics is great for page specific stats. Browse pageviews, traffic types, even the average amount of time users spend on that page while you make page edits.

Like what you see? Want these Spinternet features on your site!?
Don't wait, contact Spinutech today...send us an email, give us a call, heck even march down to our office. We're really excited about these Spinternet enhancements, and know you will be to.

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