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Showcase: Hy-Vee Goes Mobile

By Marc Reifenrath on December 7, 2011 in Development

Hy-vee mobile site

If your phone has become an extension of your body, you're not alone. 75.7%* of the population uses mobile phones, and the numbers don't seem to be slowing down. Having a website that is mobile ready is now more important than ever. However, the biggest hurdle is providing an experience that meets or exceeds what is already found on your main website.

Hy-Vee came to Spinutech to do just that.

While the Hy-Vee mobile site was designed to accommodate mobile content in the mobile space, it still includes many of the same features and functionality of the main website:

  • Store Finder
  • Shop
  • Recipes (including Curtis Stone Recipes)
  • Weekly Menu
  • Calendar
  • News
  • Gift Card Balance
  • My Hy-Vee

Many of these features and functionality are made available by a custom built API. The API leverages payment processing and makes content and site features available across all platforms, including the mobile site and Hy-Vee's native apps.

Just like the main site, the mobile site is managed with Spinternet, Spinutech's custom CMS. Not only does this ensure accurate content across both mediums, but avoids the need for manually adding content in two places.

Ready to visit the Hy-Vee mobile site on your phone? Simply enter in your phone's browser. There's no need to remember another URL, because mobile detection automatically provides the mobile site to handheld devices.

Is your site mobile ready?

*thinkinsights with Google: Mobile - eMarketer, August 2011

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