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The Great CMS Debate

The Great CMS Debate: Open Source vs Spinternet

By Marc Reifenrath on May 13, 2015 in Development

You and your team have committed to a new website. Awesome! You've done your research and found a company or two that can help you. Even Better! You're almost ready to commit, but with multiple decision makers, you're having the classic "too many cooks in the kitchen" conundrum. Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

Worse yet, your team's divided on what type of solution should be used to power your brand new website. Jane from Marketing is wondering about Wordpress. Joe from IT says he'd like full control using some obscure CMS. John from Accounting heard something about a free online service. Nobody is on the same page, but again, fret not, it happens to everyone.

Truth is, it's a topic that's widely debated online from which a clear "winner" has never been decided. Why? The answer is simple just depends. At the end of the day, the questions to ask are what problem(s) do I have? What solution solves it best? (via: Open Source CMS vs Proprietary CMS)

Seeing it from both sides of the coin (open source and proprietary), the excerpt of questions/answers below is from a Spinutech client who has literally used both.

City of Waverly Iowa Website

Why did the City of Waverly originally choose to go with an open source solution?

When looking for an option for a new website, the City chose to move to an open source platform and content management system for savings over past systems.

What were some of the problems you had with the open source solution?

We lacked a simple way to do updates that were both secure and lasting. By splitting the hosting from the design from the maintenance we created more problems and had a lot of downtime and security breaches with our budget-hosting service.

Do you feel the open source solution gave you more flexibility?

The open source solution actually ended up restricting what we could do. Open source required IT expertise that we did not have on staff, so small problems grew in to big problems, that required outside help.

Were there cost savings with the open source solution in the long run?

In the long run, it ended up costing us more than had we stayed with a managed solution because we did a re-design, added a lot of additional tech help above basic hosting and design work, and the lifespan of the opensource page was shorter than anticipated due to multiple problems faced with the solution and its reliability.

Having gone through the redesign with us and seeing both options, what would you tell someone thinking about using an open source solution?

Be careful to truly look at the cost/benefit. In both the short and long run, it has been best for us to go back to having professionals help us create a top-tier website, help us keep it healthy, and allow us to focus on our specialty – generating content, rather than trying to keep a website alive.

Every client, every solution, every website...they're all different. Yet, in the end, that's the beauty of it all. And better yet, a solution like Spinternet gives you the flexibility to truly build and create your vision.

Still have a few questions? Need a bit more convincing? Give us a call, send us an email, we're happy to help!

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