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#3REASONS Why You Must Signup for Google Places for Business

#3REASONS Why You Must Signup for Google Places for Business

By Marc Reifenrath on July 25, 2013 in Digital Marketing

If you are a business... with a physical address... you need Google Places for Business. It's that simple. (This should be where the post ends, but I shall continue...)

First things first, what is Google Places for Business?

Google describes it as a way to, "Reach millions of people online, quickly and for free...". Think of it like a phone book listing...but it's online, and much more informative (it is 2013 after all)...

  • Reason #1 - Increase Your Exposure Across the Web
    Claiming your listing means users will be able to find you across Google Search, Maps, Google+, and mobile devices. It's no secret how important search is, and it should also be no secret how important Google is specifically.?
  • Reason #2 - Ensure Your Information is Accurate
    97% of consumers search for local businesses online1...but 100% of those consumers expect the information they find to be accurate. This includes everything from address to phone number to store hours. Give customers the right information about your business from the git-go.?
  • Reason #3 - Stay Connected to Your Customers
    We're in a world where an internet connection is as simple as digging your phone out of your pocket, and everyone has a voice. Read and reply to reviews, provide feedback, and share important news and information as you see fit. The information you could be providing, is the same information your competitor is not providing.

Sound like something you're interested in?

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