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#3REASONS Why You Should Be: A/B TESTING -or- A/B Testing -or- a/b TESTING

#3REASONS Why You Should Be: A/B TESTING -or- A/B Testing -or- a/b TESTING

By Marc Reifenrath on September 4, 2013 in Digital Marketing

(#3REASONS is our bite-sized blog series aimed at anyone and everyone who wants a leg up on the competition, but doesn't quite know how to get there. Not only do we convince you 'why', we give away some of our services for FREE...honest! Read on to learn how...enjoy.)

What is A/B Testing?

We almost always recommend clients complete an A/B Test of some sort on their website, but more often than not the same question arises: what exactly is A/B Testing?

Simply put, it's a way to test a page or page element against another version to determine which produces better results. What do we mean by results? Actions that users would take (think: visits, clicks, etc).

The most obvious example?...your site has a "Buy Now" button that is currently blue. You could setup an A/B Test where in version A the button is blue, and in version B the button is red. Easy enough, right? So to measure the results, we would simply track which version of the button gets more clicks.

While that only scratches the surface, it should provide a better insight on the idea itself.

Why does A/B Testing matter?

The general rule of thought is that A/B Testing is important for the sake of understanding which version is truly performing better, thus being the version you would put into practice full time.

These tests matter because all websites have goals, and all those goals are specific to a purpose and/or reason the site exists in the first place. Examples might include:

  • Getting more leads
  • Selling more product
  • Getting more signups

What Should You Be A/B Testing?

Nearly anything that is measured within Analytics is fair game, but here's a short list to help you think about elements on your site:

  • Images
  • Text
  • Buttons

...or you can think a bit more detailed with items like:

  • Length of a form (i.e. 3 vs 4 fields)
  • Call to action text
  • Call to action button style, size, color

The possibilities are essentially endless.

So again...why A/B Testing?

  • Reason #1 - A/B Testing is Free*
    Well...depending on what you use, it can be free. We like the built-in A/B Testing option used within Google Analytics, Experiments.?
  • Reason #2 - A/B Testing is Measurable
    That's the whole point, right? We like to think of it as a great roundabout way to approach your marketing/advertising in the most logical way possible...let the numbers do the talking.?
  • Reason #3 - A/B Testing Can Reveal Some Interesting Things About Your Audience
    While we think most of our decisions are conscious, in fact the human subconscious makes so many decisions for us. That decision making process happens whether we realize it or not because of those A/B Testing items mentioned above. The more we test, the more we know what works and what does not.


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