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5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Website...RIGHT NOW!

5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Website...RIGHT NOW!

By Marc Reifenrath on May 23, 2013 in Digital Marketing

We often talk to clients about the things they could, and often should, be doing. Before, during, and after the process of building and launching a site, it's ultimately our job to provide continual feedback and be an ongoing partner/resource as the site grows. Brainstorming high level opportunities for growth is a never ending process (and one that we use with our own website/business). If a third party came in and took over your website, what's the first thing they'd be doing that you currently are not? Asking yourself this question is a healthy exercise to complete no matter your role in the business.

So from a high-level perspective, here are five things that you should be doing with your website...RIGHT NOW!:

1. Review Your Analytics

Most marketing professionals don't spend enough time reviewing their website analytics (or simply don't understand what they're looking at). The proof is in the pudding. Not only can stats reveal hard data about the content on your site, but they also provide an insight on the users getting there.

Analytics are essentially your website's health monitor, and should be checked regularly. That's why we integrated them directly into the Spinternet Dashboard. It displays a 30 day snapshot of select, high level statistics for your website (provided by Google Analytics).

2. Ask For The Sale

Often times, websites forget to do the obvious...ask for the sale! Certainly "the sale" varies site to site, but the ultimate goal is always the same. Your site exists for a particular reason, and users find/browse it for a particular reason, so be clear in reminding them what that reason is. If you sell stuff, tell them to "Buy Now". If you capture leads, tell them to "Sign Up". If you giveaway software, tell them to "Download Here".

Keep it simple. Don't ask for more than you need so as to get the user started down the sales funnel as soon as possible. It sounds elementary, but the most obvious call-to-action is often forgotten about altogether.

3. Run A/B Tests Constantly

Now that you're properly asking for the sale, it's time to use A/B testing to determine how well it's working. A/B tests are a simple way to test modified a version(s) of a page against the current version and determine which produced better results. This takes all the guesswork out of the equation and lets decisions be made with hard data.

Do a search for "A/B Testing" and it's obvious that tools and services are abundant. However, if you're already using Google Analytics, jumping in to A/B Testing is easy using Experiments. Login, find Standard Reporting > Content > Experiments, and the wizard will guide you through setting up your first experiment.

4. Continually Develop Long Tail Keywords

In a previous post entitled, SEO 101: The Long Tail, we defined and explained the benefits of long tail keywords. These descriptive terms only get a few searches per month, but often lead to more "sales" (see above: 2. Ask For The Sale).

Continually developing and refining this list is important as your site and it's content grow over time. If your site is about Soccer, it'll be hard to rank for "World Cup". However, it's slightly easier to rank for "World Cup 2014" or better yet, "World Cup 2014 Countdown Timer".

5. Be Consistent

Be consistent with your site updates, blog posts, social media updates, newsletters...the list goes on and on. Not only do search engines love fresh content, your user base will build up an expectation over time based on the frequency of your updates.

Far too often, clients come out of the gate with plenty of content, but quickly fizzle. Don't be afraid to start small. Updates set for once per week or every couple days is fine. Just be consistent.


Sound good? Ready to roll with some of these ideas on your site? Need help? Contact us or comment below...we're happy to help.

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