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5 Ways to Get More Conversions...Quick and Easy Conversion Optimization

5 Ways to Get More Conversions...Quick and Easy Conversion Optimization

By Marc Reifenrath on June 25, 2013 in Digital Marketing

Most of the clients we work with have very specific goals in mind for their website (as they should). More sales, more leads, more visits, etc. Essentially, each goal corresponds to a stage in their business' 'sales cycle'. While setting an initial goal is always important, we continue to challenge our clients to raise the bar. What can be done to get a couple more sales/leads/etc per day?...per week?...per month? Knowing where to begin can seem daunting, so here's where we start...

Below is a list of five conversion optimization tips and suggestions we frequently use.

How are you asking for the conversion? Adjust your verbiage.

Does your shopping cart button say, "Next" or does it command the user to, "Checkout Now"? Does your login form say, "Submit" or does it instruct the user to, "Sign In". What might seem like the smallest difference in verbiage, might make the biggest difference in number of conversions. Ensure your call to action is not only clear, but make sure it is focused.

Why is your website so busy? Eliminate the clutter.

Half of the battle is getting users to find and click on your website, the other half is getting them to actually do 'something'. If your website is full of distractions, how do you expect users to even find the 'something' that they are supposed to be doing? Create landing pages with streamlined content to go along with specific advertising campaigns. Find ways to eliminate unneeded elements, especially in the header and footer. Just like the call to action itself, keep it simple, keep it clear, and keep it focused.

Should users trust you? Add third party validation.

Do you have positive customer reviews? Have your clients given you testimonials?...then use them! While most users have a favorable reaction to feedback from their peers, they can also sniff out fakes pretty easily. Avoid using stock photos or stuffing existing reviews with your own overwhelmingly fantastic feedback. Instead, use real photos or videos, and be specific about how you helped the customer/client in order to to put their review/testimonial in perspective.

Is your call to action easy to spot? Experiment with new colors.

Similar to the idea of eliminating clutter, ensuring that the call to action is easy to spot can literally make the difference between an actual click versus a simple pageview. Numerous studies have been done on the effects of color on our decision making, but a good rule of thumb is to simply use common sense and contrasting colors. If you take a step back from your computer, how much or how little does the call to action stand out?

How are you measuring your success? Setup tracking

It goes without saying, but if the appropriate measuring mechanisms are NOT in place, none of this really matters. Install web analytics and reporting tools like Google Analytics. Setup and track your site usage with goals and funnels. While you can't expect to be an expert immediately, start simple and over time you'll see and understand a clearer, bigger picture.


Sound good? Ready to roll with some of these ideas on your site? Need help? Contact us or comment below... we're happy to help.

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