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6 Ways To Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016

6 Ways To Get Better at Digital Marketing in 2016

By Marc Reifenrath on January 6, 2016 in Digital Marketing

It's a new year and everyone is setting goals, resolutions and other lists. Our intentions this time of year always have a ton of ambition and good intent. From a digital marketing perspective it is also a good time of year to assess where you are at and what you could maybe be doing a little better for 2016.

Listed below are six areas you may be able to improve your performance in 2016.

1. Are you utilizing the platforms to their full abilities? 

All of the digital advertising platforms have a ton of options. You can set timing, demographics targeting, ad extensions, A/B test, frequency caps and much more. We often see companies that are not taking advantage of some very simple items within these platforms. In most situations it is that they simply didn't know they were available. This unfortunately leads to digital spend being wasted on the wrong targets.

This ultimately drives down cost per conversion and produces a false ROI on the effort. This is also why number six on our list is important!

2. Have you been lazy with changing creative?

Getting creative setup can be a daunting task. There are many sizes, messaging, imagery, approvals and much more to work through to get creative going. There is a burn rate on your creative and your results can start to dip downward once your existing creative has fatigued. It varies per client/industry but we typically like to swap out creative every 30-90 days.

We also like to constantly be A/B testing variations of the creative to increase conversions. This is a task that is worth your time, make it a priority.

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3. Are you posting organic content during your audiences peak engagement time?

Creating good, authentic social content is key. We will assume you are already doing that (right?). The easy routine to fall into is to post it first thing in the morning and check it off your list. Make sure to understand your audience and when they are most likely to engage with content on the medium you are using.

Then use a scheduling tool to post right at the beginning of this time. Again, this is well worth your time as opposed to going through the motion and getting mediocre results.

4. Do you fully measure and track results of all your efforts?

It's 2016, there is no excuse for you to not be tracking and measuring all of your efforts. If you don't use Google Analytics or a similar tool you should be. With Google Tag Manager it makes it very easy to setup. 

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5. Are you putting all your eggs in one basket?

It's easy to focus all your efforts in one or two mediums. We find it very important to make sure to have a well balanced approach. This can include organic SEO, paid search, remarketing, pre-roll video to name a few. 

6. Are you keeping up with trends?

You don't have to be an expert, but keeping up on trends and how the various platforms and their features work is important. Find reliable resources for your ongoing learning, there are a ton of great blogs and sites that create more than enough content for you to keep up on all the latest and greatest.

Obviously there is a ton more that could be added to this list. That is why number 6 is so important. I feel the most important thing is to continue to try new things and test. If you aren't doing this you will never know if it is a good fit for your site. One of the absolute best things with any digital marketing is that it can all be measured. And with these results you can make very clear decisions.

Best of luck in 2016!

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