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Case Study: Wheaton Weight Loss Surgery - Increasing Leads and Measuring the Data

Case Study: Wheaton Weight Loss Surgery - Increasing Leads and Measuring the Data

By Marc Reifenrath on July 8, 2013 in Digital Marketing


Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare serves a large number of patients with a wide variety of healthcare services. While their website goals may differ on a per section basis, ultimately a couple common goals are shared sitewide. The simplest goal is to be a resource for existing or future patients, while the more complicated goal is to act as a lead generation tool. In the case of the redesigned Wheaton Weight Loss Surgery section, we accomplished both.


Goal / Measurement

The amount of information one can consume from learning about the weight loss surgery process to making a final decision is abundant, so keeping it clear and concise was priority number one. The more important goal was to increase the number of leads from Wheaton's Weight Loss Surgery website. This was done by creating an environment where users can easily find what they are looking for, complete a specified number of tasks, and identify themselves as a lead who is interested in taking action. The details below outline the setup on both the frontend and the backend that allows Wheaton to both capture and measure applicable leads for weight loss surgery.
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare- weight loss strategy

Weight Loss Surgery

Users who visit Wheaton's Weight Loss Surgery page are greeted by an introductory video, immediately followed by a clear call to action, "Get Started". Putting users directly into the "sales funnel" is not only important for Wheaton, but it's important for the user as well.
Wheaton Franciscan Iowa

Get Started

Choosing weight loss surgery is a big step, but as the first sentence states, "There are a few steps necessary to determine if weight loss surgery is the right option for you." While the content is heavy, the process is simple. There are four sequential steps in the process that ultimately help users determine if they should continue. A subset of the ultimate goal (obtain leads) is to provide users with enough information to continue down the investigative path.

Web Strategy- weight loss surgery

Online Seminars and Quiz

While live, in person seminars are an available option, most users tend to first seek answers online. Short videos explain the gist of the weight loss surgery process all the way from getting approved to the actual surgery. Users can watch the videos any number of times, but upon completion are requested to complete a short quiz (which is required prior to an office consultation). The quiz not only proves the videos have been watched, but also is a key step in the process for Wheaton to capture the user's name, phone, and email.


(The data from the image above is a snippet of the complete funnel and represents site usage being tracked as part of a specified date range.) Ideally, users who come to the site will follow the steps above, but as-is evident by the Analytics, that is not always the case. The funnel visualization helps determine if users followed the desired path, or if they dropped off. While the reasons for users to go off course may vary, simply knowing where they did is enough to look into the issue.

Followup Process

While the users aren't officially patients at this point in the process, they have provided enough information to enter Wheaton's "sales process". From here, Wheaton's staff can followup via phone and email, and ensure each user has enough information to continue the process and eventually make a final decision.

Feedback from Wheaton

Since their launch in March 2012, our weight loss surgery Online Seminars have proven to be a successful form of outreach for the Midwest Institute of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery. In review of a 12 month period of patient seminar participation (March 2012 - February 2013), our data shows that the number of participants attending Live Seminars and the number of participants submitting the Online Seminar Quiz is very comparable. The numbers run parallel, in many cases total participants each month (on both platforms, respectively) reaches into the mid-teens. Each platform holds steady in participation month to month, with a very slight increase seen Online vs. Live as we move into 2013.

Having the Online Seminars available, in addition to our traditional Live Seminars, is valuable for us - as it doubles the number of leads we are able to generate each month. From preliminary data, it appears that we have generated more scheduled appointments from Online Seminars vs. Live Seminars. But, the process leading up to scheduling an appointment is extensive, so that may affect data accuracy regarding the numbers we have at this time.



So what's really important here? Simple...the data was clear, and the leads were doubled. Building a functional, user friendly website is just one part of the process for successful websites. Ensuring proper tools and metrics are in place to measure it's success brings it full circle.

How successful is your website?

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