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Content Strategy: Attention vs Purpose

Content Strategy: Attention vs Purpose

By Marc Reifenrath on March 10, 2015 in Digital Marketing

Content has been king for a while, that's no secret, but what's becoming increasingly difficult these days is grabbing the audience's attention in an already congested ecosystem of devices, apps, and social networks. Facebook can be a flooded nightmare, Twitter can be too short, Instagram can be a niche market...and that's just to name a few on the social side of things. Let's be honest, content is hard!

Think about that for a moment...Attention vs Purpose. Maybe he's right...maybe we're too consumed with getting the message out there, that the message itself is suffering. In our eyes, here's the difference between the two...


Traditional thinking from a marketers standpoint, especially online marketing, says utilize any and every tool at your disposal to take advantage of finding an audience and making yourself known. Yes, the logo can be bigger. Yes, the color can be louder. Yes, the headline can scream, "look at me!"...but why? Without a purpose, grabbing the consumers attention is all for naught.

Now there's much more to the story here, but think about this for a moment, when it comes to grabbing someone's attention really what you want to be doing? Sure, getting your name / headline  out there is important, but what about your message? In fact...what is your message? Sounds a little crazy right? Therein lies the problem. Maybe the next big push from an online marketer's point of view shouldn't be yelling for attention, but rather focusing on the message itself. Keep it simple. Back to basics.


Consumers are becoming smarter and increasingly more savvy. They understand most of the ins and outs of how companies and brands push their message directly or indirectly on everyting from traditional mediums like tv and radio to newer, digital based mediums across multiple screens. Thus, the message you should be communicating shouldn't be focused on outwitting the consumer's intelligence, tricking them into buying your product/service through loud and obnoxious messaging, but rather talking to them directly (with a purpose mind you) about the benefits you might be able to provide. Similarly, the conversation regarding benefits is an entirely different marketing can of worms, and has been explored a number of times (HelpScout has a great article entitled, Features Tell, but Benefits Sell).

Are you consumed by numbers? Are you worried too much about finding an audience? Are you pushing to hard without a clue as where it's leading you? If so, take a moment to think long and hard about the purpose of your content...the purpose of your message... the purpose of your company/brand.

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