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Cure Writer's Block - Press Reset, Get Inspired

By Marc Reifenrath on July 18, 2012 in Digital Marketing

You're supposed to be writing for the blog...but you've got nothing. No ideas, no inspiration, and no clue what to do. Start by taking this 2-step approach:

1. Press Reset 
2. Get Inspired


Press Reset

Take a walk
Get away from the computer, phone, fax machine, or anything that might "beep" or "boop". It's as simple as taking 10 minutes to clear your mind.

Find a new place to write
Take your laptop to the coffee shop, conference room, or lobby. No laptop? No problem, just write your ideas with a trusty pen/paper.

Quit beating yourself up
You're not always going to be able to sit down and just "go". Writing takes time, possibly research, and most often inspiration.

Get Inspired

Create an RSS feed
Take some time to scour the web for sources of information, create an rss feed to subscribe to these sites, and check it on a daily basis. Not only will you see all the articles in one place, you'll have a constant stream of information to pull from.

Follow industry experts on Twitter
Much like the RSS feed, use Twitter as a way to keep tabs on the people (and not just the sites) that produce content in your industry.

Read, read, read
Browse headlines, skim articles, read the whole story...learn to be obsessed about consuming information.
How do you press reset? How do you get inspired?
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