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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017

By Sarah Mueller on January 18, 2017 in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field. In our line of work, keeping up with trends is part of our daily lives, and we make it a priority to discover how these digital marketing trends may impact the websites we build and the strategies we create for our clients. As we enter into 2017, here are some of the things our strategy team will be keeping an eye on.

Immersive content

Users are looking for a more real-time, live look at content - something that makes the user truly feel as though they are present. Snapchat's stories, Facebook and Instagram live platforms will continue to gain momentum in the new year connecting people through shared experiences. Virtual and augmented reality continue to gain popularity - we may see additional examples of this being gamified similar to the overnight success of PokemonGo in 2016. Even Facebook's 360 photos are an example of a richer end-user experience. The rise of video in 2017 will also be due to sharper cameras, bigger screens for viewing, and better video creation and editing tools.

Key takeaways: prepare to invest in video and be open to embracing new immersive technologies and trends as they come.

Better devices

Devices as a whole are going to become a big deal in 2017. Smartphone screens have found a sweet spot at the 5.5 inch mark, making them small tablets. Tablets have become versatile "2 in 1's" with attachable keyboards, turning them into desktops. Wearable technology (smart watches, activity trackers, augmented reality) has become one of the hottest commodities in the tech world. Ad platforms will recommend separating campaigns by device to ensure optimal performance. Google's Mobile-first indexing and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are signs that mobile is a bigger deal than ever. See how Google is expanding text ads to accommodate a mobile-first mentality.

Key takeaways: consumers are not sticking with one device - be prepared to create and optimize your content appropriately for cross-device marketing.

Integrated Data

Getting smarter about marketing starts with knowing your audience. There is an increasing amount of data available to marketers, and with the idea of the Internet of Things (IoT), accessing that raw data is only the beginning. Your ability to target consumers effectively lies in the processing of this collected data - using what you know about your consumer to predict solutions to very specific individual needs. Marketers should be investing time and dollars in uncovering the key ratio of data to hit potential customers with the right message at the right time. Personalization, localization, "hyper-targeting" all feed into this concept.

Key takeaways: invest in data and know your audience in order to become the solution your consumer needs before they seek it out.

Improving the experience

Marketing in 2017 and beyond will be less about pushing your company's product, and more about connecting consumers with information in the moment. As we get smarter about collecting data, we can get better at matching our content to a users' intent, providing answers to potential consumers at every point in the buying funnel. The old adage of "content is king" continues to prove true, but in a world where content and messaging are everywhere and an increasing number of companies are clamoring for attention, it becomes even more essential for that content to be unique, interactive and high-quality. Strategies that support this tactic include well-executed content marketing, native advertising, and niche targeting.

Key takeaways: make sure everything you have to say - in every channel - is useful, relevant, and engaging. The only way to cut through the noise is to distinguish yourself through quality.

How to capitalize on 2017 digital marketing trends

Wondering how to best position your company for a successful digital future? Drop us a line and start a conversation. We have a team of experts nerding out over these trends and we're happy to help you navigate the landscape to determine your best course of action. Together we can make 2017 a great year for digital.

What trends are you watching this year?

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