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Jan 19 Trends

Digital Trends and Insights: May 2019

By Abby Miesner on May 30, 2019 in Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends and insights. Never fear! Our digital team with expertise in Account Management, SEO, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, Content Strategy, Digital Paid Media, and Web Design have sourced some articles we feel do a great job of sharing the latest and greatest information you need to know on a monthly basis.

General Digital Trends

The 16 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

Whether you’ve been working in digital marketing for years or are new to the game, there’s an abundance of digital marketing tools out there that can help you (or your agency) effectively execute strategy. From foundational tools to new and specialized ones, the right technology is readily available and can be helpful no matter your level of expertise.  

MacKenzie Bakker, Digital Account Lead

Amazon And Kohl's: Proof That Collaboration Works

Many, if not all, traditional retailers are fighting the Amazon effect and are having to get creative with their ventures. Kohl’s is partnering with Amazon in hopes of luring in more millennials while Amazon will now gain access to Kohl’s physical space. This type of collaboration looks to benefit both parties and shows how innovative growth could come from an unexpected place. 

MacKenzie Bakker, Digital Account Lead

Paid Search

Google rolling out mobile search redesign with black “Ad” label, favicons for organic results 

Google is once again (slightly) altering the appearance of search results, this time focused on mobile devices, with subtle but effective changes to both paid ads and organic results. Paid ads will now show a black “Ad” text at the top left of the ad, and organic results will favicons (those little icons you see in your browser tabs) for websites that have them. Both changes will contribute to a more “cohesive” looking search result.

Wes Attaway, Digital Paid Media Strategist

Why has paid search been pigeonholed to the bottom of the funnel?

It’s easy to view paid search as a bottom-funnel tactic, and in many senses, it absolutely is. However, paid search can, and should be viewed as, and used for, so much more than that. This article touches on several great arguments as to why and how paid search should be used for more than just helping the consumer take their final step towards conversion.

Wes Attaway, Digital Paid Media Strategist

Search Engine Optimization & Content Strategy

Google considers Pay-to-Play Features for Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an important tool for local SEO. It allows businesses to reach their clients quickly and get business-critical information to them in the search engines. Google recently sent a survey to GMB managers that included pay-to-play features, sending many SEOs into shock. Read to hear what Google is considering implementing to increase trust in businesses and reduce spam on GMB.

Julie Van Ee, SEO Strategist

Starting July 1, all new sites will be indexed using Google’s mobile-first indexing

This program has been in effect for years now and many of us have already been implementing these strategies, but Google is now making it “official”. Moving forward, all new websites, in addition to desktop, should prioritize their mobile sites. Google won’t send notifications to new web sites so it will be important to test and build sites in a mobile-first manner.

Julie Van Ee,  SEO Strategist

Content Marketing

Buyer Personas: One Method Doesn’t Fit All

Personas are an important part of content marketing. You can try to hack your way to a customer persona by asking yourself a few customer-focused questions, or you can go straight to the source by speaking directly to your users. Understand how your audience makes decisions and then present your brand in a way that appeals to them. The bottom line: crafting customer personas helps focus your content and differentiate your brand in the eyes of your target consumers.

Julianne Hilmes Bartlett, Content Strategist

The Case for the Full Stack Digital Writer

A full stack digital writer knows not only how to write approachable, compelling, user-friendly copy, but also creates content that is algorithm-friendly. Ultimately, a good digital writer creates engaging content that is strong enough to rank organically.

Julianne Hilmes Bartlett, Content Strategist

Social Media (& Influencer Marketing)

Facebook Warns Advertisers ‘Clear History’ Tool May Impact Ad Targeting

Pretty big news in the Facebook world as it was just announced that Facebook users will soon be able to disconnect their off-app activity. This will make it more difficult for advertisers to target users based on search trends and online interests. This article breaks down what we can expect and how it will impact the way in which we reach our target demos. As a Spinutech team, we are working closely with our Facebook Representative to get more information on this update and best practice tips to share with our partners.

Katie Thompson, Social Media Strategist

7 Video Trends That Will Dominate in 2019 and Beyond

You’ve probably heard by now that video is an absolute must-have for your social channels. It can be easy to get stuck in the same point and shoot style format for each video. Here are some different ways to present that footage and increase engagement.

Katie Thompson, Social Media Strategist

Web Design

Make Stakeholders Love You

Like it or not, your project's stakeholders are what stand between you and great success. Tips for how to make them love you, every time.

Eric Bonzer, Design Director

Avoiding Self-Deprecation in Design Critiques

Presenting your design work is an opportunity to share and convince an audience of the rigor of your thinking and application of your ideas. Whether informal with team members around your desk or…

Eric Bonzer, Design Director

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