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Five New Year's Resolutions For Your Website

Five New Year's Resolutions For Your Website

By Marc Reifenrath on December 31, 2013 in Digital Marketing

After the holidays every year we all like to set a few New Year's Resolutions. You join a gym, you kick a bad habbit and on and on. We thought it would be fun to give you a few resolutions for your website and web strategy. So here are a few we thought could be helpful.

  1. Make your website join a gym. Many websites tend to be a bit bloated and have way too much content.  To slim down your site try creating a short overview that is a bulleted summary followed by a few paragraphs that are more detailed.  The key to remember is with content, less is often more.
  2. Focus on consistency. Set reasonable goals for how often you can post a new blog, Tweet, Facebook post, etc. and stick to them. Consistency is key when communicating with your audience. If you have an email newsletter don't miss a monthly mailing. If you can't be consistent then don't promote or enter the space.  
  3. Create a content Strategy.  Many sites strugle with an ongoing content strategy for all online presences. Take away the complexity by creating a content calendar that outlines when you will need various content. If you need to, setup a time each week to create this content. That can be easier and more effective than trying to think up things on the fly.
  4. Track everything! Setup goals, funnels and conversions within Google Analytics. If you can't see how all your efforts are working on your site then you are unable to make educated decisions with future efforts. You can also setup specific dashboards for your various efforts that can be very helpful as well.
  5. Try something new. Try doing a quarterly video post, or an email newsletter...  Whatever it is, see if it creates any new traffic/leads. Make sure that you don't build an expectation with your audience that you can't deliver on. Try a soft entrance and see if it works.

We all have the best intentions when creating a New Year's Resolution but it's easy to let it fade away. Post your resolutions in the comments and keep us updated on your progress. Let us know if you need a little motivation or a push in the right direction. 

Happy New Year from the Spinutech Team!

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