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How Does Your Company Handle Trolls?

By Marc Reifenrath on August 19, 2015 in Digital Marketing

This past week Target showcased why it is so important to have a response protocol in conjunction with a stellar social media and content plan. Did you catch it? Here’s a quick summary - Target announced gender neutrality within its stores, a Facebook user knew outrage would ensue, said user posed as a Target customer service rep responding to customers (at times causing more outrage) and hilariousness ensued.

Then, Target won the internet overnight.

How you ask? They had a fantastic response protocol in place for their social media community managers to swiftly respond in a way that was brand and follower friendly. See Target’s response below.

Why You Need A Social Media Crisis Plan

By having a structure in place before any situation occurs, community managers know what is expected of them and you will never be in a “too little, too late” situation. A thorough response plan for responding to any negativity in the online space covers every aspect leading up to a response.  

Do you know how to spot a social media crisis as it’s happening? Does your business have a plan in place?

At Spinutech we can help develop your social media response protocol and if deemed necessary, cheeky responses as well.

Contact us to get your plan in place.

For your enjoyment you can see the entire Target conversation here.

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