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How to Create Greater Influence With Your Website

How to Create Greater Influence With Your Website

By Marc Reifenrath on September 22, 2014 in Digital Marketing

We believe that psychology plays a big role in all of the little decisions we make on the web. This means if the site you are on doesn't "feel" just right you are gone in a flash. As consumers we like to buy from experts. Best Buy does a good job of doing this in their physical stores. But how do you do this on your website? Prove an intangible that is really fairly subjective?  

There's an old belief about people who have written books, they are considered experts since they were published. That may have been true in the pre-internet days, but now we can all be experts (true or not) by simply sharing our highly factual and well researched opinions online (sarcasm intended). Over the course of fourteen years in business I've developed a short statement in regards to this.  It goes something like this... "Position yourself as an educator, people perceive educators as experts, people buy from experts."

So it's not really earth shattering, but I feel it’s important to make sure you follow this from start to finish. If you are blogging you must have a reason for it. What is the end game of each post or collectively from your blog? It should be to drive traffic which ultimately leads to a conversion (lead generation or an actual sale). When posting to your various social outlets how does the post either build or reinforce your expertise or educate the user/follower.  

For each site/industry/client the answers are all different. I would recommend establishing a set of questions that help filter your content to help accomplish the end goal. These will vary based on your audience, type of site (ecommerce or not) and the price point at which you are in.

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