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Is Your SEO Actually Working?

By Marc Reifenrath on April 5, 2012 in Digital Marketing

You've attempted some form of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, so how do you know if it's working? Short answer, ask yourself a couple questions...
Did your search engine ranking improve?
Is your listing on the first page? Is it in the top 5? Is it number 1?! While rank is just one piece of the puzzle, it is often the item that most businesses get hung up on..."Where do I rank versus my competition?" It's important to keep in mind that this is a very basic gauge of improvement, higher rank doesn't always correlate to higher traffic.
Did the amount of traffic you receive from non-branded keywords improve?
It should be easy for you to receive search traffic from keywords that contain your name (branded traffic), but what about those that mention the products or services you offer? What about search traffic from keywords about all the other "stuff" (non-branded) that exists on your site? Exposure to these "new" keywords can mean exposure to a new audience, and hopefully new leads or sales.
Did your conversion rate improve?
Ultimately you want the users visiting your site to do something. Buy a product, fill out a form, download a file, etc. Do you know what your users are doing? Are you effectively measuring the traffic path of your audience? In the grand scheme of things, shear numbers are important, but how many of those numbers actually convert into a sale or a lead? Good traffic simply visits your site, great traffic converts.
The three items listed above are just scratch the surface. How do you measure your SEO?

Source: MarketingProfs - Three Ways to Know Your SEO is Working

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