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Is your website ready for the spotlight?

Is your website ready for the spotlight?

By Jeff Jones on April 22, 2014 in Digital Marketing

We talk to companies every month about treating their website as if it were a stand alone store on Mainstreet. Would you open your doors and hope for the best? Or would you plan to support the business through ongoing advertising and promotional efforts?  

More companies are turning to the web to advertise than ever before to the tune of 42.8 billion in 2013. To put that number in context, more ad money was spent on the web last year than ad money spent on broadcast TV…...And they’re all pointing their campaign messaging back to their websites.

So, in lieu of this focus, added thought should be placed on what to display and where within a website during a given advertising campaign. Historically a web conscious business would build a homepage banner ad to compliment an offline campaign and deem their efforts a success.

We’re now seeing businesses request from us more integrated web efforts involving campaign specific landing pages with a variety of call to action options. We’re tracking all types of activity driven through a promotion and making adjustments to them for the purpose of maximizing conversions.

We help businesses understand the direct impact of their advertising investments as they relate to their website, landing page and conversion traffic. Who came, what ad led them there and did they follow through on the desired action?

At the end of the day the purpose of advertising is to generate interest. The purpose of campaign aligned web strategy is to generate action.

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