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It's Time to Update Your Social Strategy

By Jeff Jones on January 16, 2014 in Digital Marketing

We are often asked to add another social media or two to our daily strategies. Post here, snap this and download that. It can certainly be overwhelming and few of us have it in our budget to be on every single network.

"Some 73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind."

Pew Research

It’s the beginning of the new year and now is a perfect time to change up your strategy. Why now? Why not. The internet hoards move to a new social network overnight. Shifting your strategy doesn’t have to happen that fast.

According to Pew, 42% of Internet users are on more than one social network. Though Facebook is the dominate force in social media, investing in the other top networks could have benefits for you. Platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram offer unique experiences for their users and opportunities for you and your brand to engage with them.

You may have tried one of the other top networks before and didn’t feel like it was a great tool for your brand. Each of the networks constantly adds new features. They may have evolved to a point where it becomes useful for your team and audience.

Now, you may also be on networks that at one point had great results for your brand but no longer delivering value. Have the users moved on? Is your content stale? If your users have moved on it is probably time for you to do leave too. Try shaking up your strategy and asking your dedicated fans for suggestions on content. If they really care about your brand, they will tell you.

Mix it up this year and try something new and keep the quality level high. You never know where you might find your most devoted fans. Seek them out and engage with them.

Let us know in the comments below where you are seeing success. Are you thinking about trying out something new this year?

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