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Say Hello to U-Mail

Say Hello to U-Mail

By Marc Reifenrath on October 28, 2009 in Digital Marketing

U-Mail makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send beautiful email newsletters and view stunning reports, all from within your browser.

Design Beautiful Emails

  • Create and send mobile-friendly email campaigns, with no coding required
  • Run A/B split tests
  • Preview your campaigns in 20+ email clients

Build an Audience

  • Share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook
  • Automatically send email updates from your blog or site
  • Setup autoresponders and drip campaigns

View Detailed Reports

  • See who’s opening, clicking and sharing your campaign in real-time
  • View reports on your mobile device
  • Track beyond-the-click with Google Analytics integration

Contact us for a demonstration on how our email marketing solution can build and attract new subscribers.

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