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SEO 101: Five Simple Steps to Build a Keyword List

SEO 101: Five Simple Steps to Build a Keyword List

By Marc Reifenrath on December 21, 2012 in Digital Marketing

How can you truly measure search engine rank without knowing what you want to be known for?

Plainly speaking, the breakdown is pretty simple. Search engine results are based on keywords. Those keywords are derived from the content on your site. Before you even think about wanting to rank higher in search engine results, building a list of targeted keywords to base your site content around is priority number one.

It may sound all too easy, but these five steps are often taken for granted. Use the exercise below to build a list of targeted keywords:

1. Generate a list of keywords related to your industry/website. Do NOT censor keywords at this point. Anything and everything you think of should go in this list.

2. Put these keywords into a spreadsheet (column one)

3. Take that big list, and break it down into smaller lists with a focus on a term or concept. (column two)

For example, a website about shoes might focus on sports: basketball shoes, football shoes, soccer shoes, etc.

4. Take the focused list, and break it down even further by adding relevant terms to the core keyword. (column three)

For example, from the term "basketball shoes": Jordan basketball shoe, cheap basketball shoe, new basketball shoes, etc.

5. Repeat this process, adding new columns, for the remaining keywords from the focused list. Take a look at the example below...

Column One
sports shoes
Column Two
basketball shoe
football shoe
soccer shoe
Column Three
Jordan basketball shoe
cheap basketball shoe
new basketball shoe

What are your targeted keywords? Better yet, are you 100% sure you know?

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