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SEO Updates January 2017

SEO News: January 2017

By Britt Bischoff on January 23, 2017 in Digital Marketing

Editor's note: This was post was originally published on 1/13/2017 and is frequently updated with recent industry news.

This post breaks down all the key updates and events you need to know about that happened in January 2017:

Google launches new mobile interstitial penalty

January 10, 2017

Google launched the new search algorithm penalty for mobile popups and interstitials that they’ve been promising to enforce since August. This means that if you have intrusive mobile popups or interstitials on pages that users visit from Google’s search results, those pages will be penalized. Basically, anything that covers the main content of a page or is intrusive to the mobile experience that isn't easily dismissable. Google says the impact will be that a page “may not rank as highly”, but it turns out they were being nice with that phrasing. Initially, it didn’t appear that many sites were being affected, but that has changed within a couple day’s time, and unfortunately many sites that have pages with mobile popups have show significant declines in mobile rankings. But in all fairness, Google has been warning everyone for 5 months now.

What can you do now? First, check the CTAs, popups and ad interstitials you're using, and check how you're using them on your mobile display. Next, monitor your mobile rankings and organic traffic to find any changes that may correlate.

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