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Social Strategies: Engaging Photos

Social Strategies: Engaging Photos

By Marc Reifenrath on September 25, 2014 in Digital Marketing

So many companies today have invested time, effort and money into their presence on social media. Engaging your audience has proven to be beneficial for a business. But one of the hardest parts of social is doing just that… engaging your audience. (Engagement most often refers to how people saw a post then liked, shared, clicked or commented on it.) Time and time again, photos have proven to be highly effective in getting people talking and sharing about your brand.

We have worked with the Ed Thomas Family Foundation for years and have seen how they impact young lives around the state of Iowa and beyond. They recently came to us asking how they could supercharge their social presence and start engaging their fans more. Together we came up with the idea to put 52 motivational quotes from Coach Thomas onto square “cards” that could be easily shared on their social platforms every week.

It’s a simple concept… we know people like photos and being inspired, lets put those together in an easy to share way. We also went a step further and carefully designed the images so they would work well on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We wanted to ensure that the message would shine when condensed in the frame that Twitter puts it in.

Social Posting Strategies Social Posting Strategies Social Posting Strategies

Here is how it turned out:

Facebook: In the last month they have seen hundreds of new likes to their page. They have also been engaging upwards of 3,000 people a day. Those 3,000 are current fans and those people who saw the images through social shares.

Twitter: In the last month impressions for tweets from @EdThomasFF are up 403.9% over the previous 28 days. One post can often receive upwards of 30+ retweets and often even more favorites. With the help of the new Twitter analytics tool it also shows us that numerous people are clicking and finding the #ETFF homepage.

In the end, these photos are about far more than just a few likes and favorites. The continuation of what the foundation stands for and part of their mission to continue spreading the wisdom of Coach Thomas. It is a fun and engaging way to keep their fans excited and motivated.

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