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The Basics of Sales (Are You Sure Your Site is Doing Them?)

By Marc Reifenrath on August 8, 2013 in Digital Marketing

Many of our clients use their websites to ultimately help sell 'something'. Some sites have a full sales cycle where everything occurs online, where others simply begin the process. What role the site plays in that "sales funnel" varies by your product, service and industry...but a few particular sales basics remain the same across the board. Yet, far too often, new clients are simply forgetting to carry these sales basics that they naturally do offline to their brand new website. Crazy, right!?

What do we mean by Basics of Sales? Well, in no particular order...

Features vs. Benefits

Many sites are pretty good at touting features. Problem is, most buyers can't relate to specific features, but rather really only care about the benefits that impact them. Don't spout facts, answer the question, "what's in it for me?".

Overcome Objections

Sure, it's easy to overcome objections in person, but online it can be challenging. Weak sales is often the result of weak content and copywriting. Do your research, determine why the user is saying no. Then, take the problem head on by stating your value proposition or your features and benefits.

Ask For the Sale

Simply put, asking for the sale is THE most important thing every site should be doing. Yet time after time, it's also the number one problem child. Make sure it's extremely easy for a user to fill out a lead form, give you a call, find some info...literally whatever your desired result is, make sure it's obvious and abundant. As the old saying goes "Always Be Closing!".

Are You Sure Your Site is Doing Them?

It's clear that times have changed (and will continue to do so). The way users "shop around" is a whole new ballgame. Take the time to ensure your site is as good of an online salesman as you are's often easier than you think.

How successful is your website?

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