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The Most Expensive Google Adwords Keywords

The Most Expensive Google Adwords Keywords

By Marc Reifenrath on June 13, 2016 in Digital Marketing

With Google paid search there is a constant bidding war for placement. As a user you click on these ads but have you ever wondered how much each click is? Better yet, have you ever wondered what the most expensive terms are? Well, if you have then you are in luck.

A recent report came out listing “The Top 100 Most Expensive Keywords in the US.”  The amounts for the top 100 range from $213.95 for the 100th spot on the list all the way up to $935.71 for the most expensive keyword. Anyway you look at those numbers they are a large price to pay for ONE click! But, if someone is willing to pay that then there must be a conversion ratio that works for their business.

Let’s look at the list a little closer. The primary categories of the top 100 are Legal, Water damage, Finance, B2B and Health. Legal is by far the most expensive term with “best mesothelioma lawyer” at number one on the list. The first five terms on the list are all in the Legal category and out of the top twelve spots eleven are Legal.  Keywords related to “lawyers” and “lawsuits” hold 78 of the 100 spots on the list.  

A few things to note about the list.

  • The list was created by analyzing over 80 million keywords
  • The list is only for the United States
  • Terms with a competition score of less than 0.3 were removed from consideration
  • The data used was taken in March of 2016
  • The prices listed are the average prices paid by the advertisers per click

Interesting takeaways I see:

  • Most terms are very specific. For example “trash truck accident.” How many trash truck accidents are there even?
  • Many terms are geotargeted terms “Dallas truck accident lawyer,” “Louisville car accident lawyer,” etc.
  • Some terms would seem to not have a strong ROI. “Auto insurance Philadelphia PA” is at $293.14 per click. Depending on the policy and the commissions paid it could take well over five years to even break even.
  • None of the B2B terms were geotargeted
  • In the Health category most terms were around addiction and drug rehabilitation

Here is the full report and a graphic listing all of the terms:

The top 100 Most Expensive Keywords in the US

image source: SEMrush

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