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Twitter Moments and Your Brand

What does Twitter Moments mean for your brand?

By Marc Reifenrath on October 7, 2015 in Digital Marketing

Today Twitter released its biggest change in years to the social media site: Moments. It has some of our favorite features from Instagram (the double tap) and Apple (the swipe). The purpose of this new release is to help you find the best and biggest news on Twitter, regardless of who you follow.

How To Access:

  1. Update the App if you have not already
  2. Open Twitter
  3. Click on the lightning bolt
  4. Updated stories appear throughout the day

Go ahead, give it a try!

Twitter Moments Release and Your Brand

Photo: courtesy of Twitter

So the big question is, what does this mean for YOUR brand?

  • Now more than ever it is important for brands to engage in larger discussions. Gone are the days of only sharing your brand messages or industry related news. Opportunistic brands can capitalize by engaging in conversations related to trending topics.

  • Brand storytelling, the ability to weave your brand narrative into small micro-moments like those available in Moments, will be important more than ever. Infusing your brand personality into your tweets and engagements with other users begins this narrative.

Although Moments is currently curated by the Twitter team and selected partners we can only assume that a full rollout will happen.

Now is the time to start thinking how your brand will incorporate this change into social media and content strategies.

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