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Google Ad Extension Must Haves

What You Need To Know: Google Ad Extension Must Haves

By Marc Reifenrath on February 23, 2016 in Digital Marketing

Google Ad Extensions You Likely Aren’t Using

Many businesses that are utilizing Google Adwords are simply not taking full advantage of all there is to offer with this medium.

Google has added several “extensions” that can be turned on in your various ad groups. These extensions have proven to increase clickthrough rates at a considerable rate anywhere from 6-10% per Google. One of the best things about Google Ad Extensions is that there is no additional cost to use this option.

As a Google Partner we are looked at to uphold several standards. Ad Extensions is one area that we are highly encouraged to enable for accounts that we manage. Given that, we thought it would be a great idea to let everyone know some of the options.

Location Extensions

With location extensions turned on your ads can show your business address, phone number and a map marker as part of your ad text. When on mobile devices these will be links to directions. If you have multiple locations you can link your Google My Business account and they will pull based on the searchers Geo-location at the time of the search query and display the closest location. Along with that thought, ads can be targeted specifically around your locations.

Google Location Extension Example

Sitelinks Extensions

When enabling the Sitelinks Extensions you are able to show text links below your ad to specific pages on your site. A few examples would be to your products, hours or specific service pages.

Using Sitelinks Extensions allows for shortcuts linking to multiple high-converting pages. You can also schedule these with a start and stop time. This could be specific dates, time of the day and so on. Something to keep in mind is Sitelinks only allow up to 25 characters and results on desktops and tablets can show up to six links in addition to the display URL.

Remember: on a mobile device you are allowed up to four additional links.

Call Extensions

Having phone numbers added to your ads allows for a mobile user to call you very easily and quickly. You can even create “Call-only Campaigns” where your ad will only show when a device capable of making a call is used for the search term(s).

Another great feature with these ads is you can turn on this function to also mirror your business hours. This way you are not setting the user up for failure to call and not reach a live person. A call is still counted as a conversion and will report so within your Google Analytics account. Per Google, call extensions have shown to increase clickthrough rates by 6-8%.

Google Call Extension Example

Review Extensions

With Review Extensions you are able to get third-party validation of your products or services. This helps the user determine which advertisers are the highest rated. Google pulls ratings from reputable sites that aggregate reviews. From the user's perspective this allows for a more informed decision to take place. From a leads point of view you should see more qualified leads and an increase in overall ad performance.

Not all ads are able to display seller ratings. In order for this extension to work your campaign should have “Search Network with Display Select,” “Search & Display Networks” or “Search Network Only”. You also must have a minimum of 30 unique reviews from the last 12 months with a composite rating at least 3.5 stars or higher.

The Future of Extensions

There are a few Extensions that are currently in Beta right now, including Store Hours and Communication Extensions. The Communication Extension will be used for newsletter signups, white paper downloads and more. This is a very interesting one that will open the door for many additional opportunities.

As a Google Partner we have been pushing extensions where applicable for a long time now, but we still see many advertisers not taking full advantage of this feature.

If you have questions or would like help on this topic please reach out, we would love to help!

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