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Why A Bad Experience Made Me A Bigger Jimmy John's Fan!

By Marc Reifenrath on January 9, 2013 in Digital Marketing

The unwritten rule is:

a positive customer experience goes almost unnoticed
a negative customer experience will be told to ten people

Twitter and Facebook add another layer to this. People are much more likely to share experiences online, good or bad...but, especially bad. Brands that are actively listening and aware are turning bad experiences into customers for life.

So begins my story about why a bad experience made me a bigger Jimmy John's fan!

This year my family spent Thanksgiving in Chicago. Traveling during the holidays means everyone's in a hurry, and on our way through Iowa City we stopped at a Jimmy John's. We wanted to get in and out to keep on schedule, unfortunately we arrived right in the middle of the Noon hour. After waiting for the five people ahead of us, we placed our order. Seconds later, they announced they were out of bread! How does this happen during the busiest time of the day! They should have known this before taking our order. There were so many things about the situation that really got me worked up, so out of frustration I took my opinion to Twitter.

I really had no expectations about what would happen next, I was simply venting my frustration. Chances were with the MASSIVE amount of followers I have (kidding of course) I just might single handedly put Jimmy Johns out of business...or more than likely, they might simply read it, and file it away. Regardless, it certainly would subconsciously influence a future decision I make to go to Jimmy Johns.

To my amazement, while still in the store, I got a response from @JimmyJohns.

I quickly sent a direct message with the information they had requested. I was already feeling better about what had happened. Corporate was stepping in and making up for a front line mistake.

By the time we got home from our trip I already had an apology letter AND a Jimmy John's gift card! While their generosity wasn't expected, they took my bad experience and created a positive ending...and in the end, made me a bigger Jimmy John's fan!

The lesson here is simple, if there's a chance your brand might be discussed online, it is imperative that you are listening.*

*Keep in mind, this isn't an open invitation to interact with absolutely everyone. Sometimes you need to steer clear...but that is a discussion for another day...

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