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Your Website is Launched, Now What?: Post Launch Strategy Tips to Keep Your Momentum

Your Website is Launched, Now What?: Post Launch Strategy Tips to Keep Your Momentum

By Marc Reifenrath on October 3, 2013 in Digital Marketing

So the beautiful new website that you're so proud of and worked so hard on has finally launched. It's time to show it to the world, kick back, and relax...right? Wrong. From our perspective, this is where the fun (aka work) really gets going.

So what's next? We’ve put together a shortlist of things you likely should be doing after the launch of your new site...

1. Analytics Setup and Goals

Determine what your “success metrics” are and create goals, conversion points, funnels, and more. Setting up custom dashboards in Google Analytics is also a great way to get a better view on these metrics.

2.  Review Your Analytics

Google Analytics is more or less your site's health monitor, and keeping a close eye on how it's doing is extremely important. How does your new site traffic compare to your old site traffic and how has it changed over time?

3. Implement an Ongoing Content Plan

Whether it's super simple or over complicated, create a content calendar to help keep ahead of updates: banners, blog posts,, fresh content is always a good idea.

4. Implement Traffic Drivers

Literally anything and everything that would push visitors to your site (this is a big list): Twitter, Facebook, Pay-per click, retargeting, etc...whatever the medium make sure your message is consistent and it drives traffic to the right place on your site.

5. Report and Repeat

Never stop reviewing what you’re doing. If it's working, repeat it. If it's not, tweak it as necessary. When in doubt, start with A/B testing.


So...are you ready!? Need help getting started? Contact us or comment below, we'd be happy to help.

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