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Your Website (the Extra Salesperson)

Your Website (the Extra Salesperson)

By Shane Klein on June 19, 2014 in Digital Marketing

Having another salesperson on staff without having to pay more in salary or commission expenses is every business owner’s dream. Well, wake up and smell the extra customers (hopefully they’ve showered), because your website could be doing just that.

Many people treat their website like an online brochure that simply lets people know what they do and where they are located. With a few simple adjustments, your site can lure people in and even set up a sale all while you go about your regular daily activities. Don’t get me wrong, your site should be informative, but it should also be compelling and like any good salesperson it should move people further along in the sales process.

Follow these five simple steps below and turn your website into a lead generating sales tool!

Open with a quick statement of what you do

Explain what your business does in as close to eight words as possible. Put this in a prominent place on the homepage. Example: Selling Homeowners Insurance in a way you can understand. If someone stumbles upon our site and isn’t sure they are even in the right place, you’ve lost them before you’ve even gotten to your sales pitch.

Provide evidence that you do what you do well

Show example work, sprinkle in testimonials throughout the site, give success stories/case studies. You need your potential customer to have confidence that you are the company for them.

Provide an avenue for further information

Some people just want that human contact before admitting they are ready to buy. Make it easy for them. Have a “Find out More” button readily available on all pages. Create a sales opportunity for your business by linking that button to a simple form...really simple. Name, Email or Phone, and Comments/Question. Thats it. All you want is your foot in the door. Don’t get the door slammed in your face by asking too many questions now. You’ll have that opportunity when you follow up.

Ask for the order

Along with the opportunity to find out more, give them an opportunity to buy immediately if that is an option. If a quote or consultation is necessary, ask for that. Make sure this button starts with a verb. “Get a Quote”, “Set Up an Appointment”, “Start a Conversation”. The form that this button takes you to can be a little longer and a bit more in depth but don’t scare them away with too many fields to fill out or too personal of questions.

Follow up and close the deal

This may sound overly simple, but if you have provided good content on your site, chances are this customer has checked you out and looked at your competitors and is reaching out to you because they like what they’ve seen. In the right hands, these leads are as good as sold.

So there you have it. Five simple steps to turning your website into a salesperson and this salesperson works around the clock. Pair it with some great drivers like solid search engine optimization and maybe some pay-per-click advertising and you have yourself a lean, mean selling machine.

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