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By Marc Reifenrath on July 1, 2015 in New Websites

At its heart, BuildSomething is all about project plans and the project-building experience. You’ll find plans for great projects that are organized by space and by type, which makes it really easy to find the inspiration you want, plus the step-by-step instruction you need to turn that inspiration into reality.

Created a Social Network

A goal of is for members to connect with others who share their project-building passion. We built a website that allows members to upload plans, follow/unfollow friends, create builds of plans, make comments and much more!


Integrated a Message Board

BuildSomething wanted a message board on the new website to allow people to post messages and create a conversation. We integrated a 3rd party message board and adjusted html/css to visually integrate the message into the website design.

Connect using Facebook, Twitter or Google+

BuildSomething wanted it easy for people to create an account and become a member. We built a login that allows people to leverage a social login they already have or make an account with


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