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Des Moines Airport

Des Moines Airport

By Marc Reifenrath on November 26, 2013 in New Websites

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new for the Des Moines Airport.

As a hub of travel in and out of Iowa, the Des Moines Airport helps close to two million passengers a year reach their destinations. The new utilizes innovative features to help users navigate the airport and check flight statuses.

Navigating the Airport

Navigating airports can prove to be tricky but with the new features built into visitors can easily see how to get to their gate… even before going through security. Integrated 360 degree tours allow visitors to quickly find their gate, favorite restaurant, or rental car provider.

Airport Maps

The technology behind this integration is powered by Google Maps. Google provides free resources to host and display these 360 degree tours for their millions of users.   The color coded maps are custom to and were built utlitizing the Google Maps API.

With the ever changing weather of central Iowa, real-time flight statuses are an essential part of any traveler’s experience. The website is constantly up-to-date with detailed flight data, from a third party, on any device.

Flight statuses go beyond just departure and arrival times. The site also allows visitors to see the progress of flights currently in air. Visitors can see if the plane may go through inclement weather and what the flight pattern will look like.

Flight Status

All Responsive

Travelers are mobile and thus, the content they are searching for should be too. Each of the new features built for is responsive and works well on a range of devices. Many considerations were taken into account to make sure that the interface shifted to show the user the right information at the right time.

Visit the Des Moines Airport

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