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Hodges Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery

Hodges Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery

By Marc Reifenrath on June 19, 2012 in New Websites

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new Hodges Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery website. Located in Amarillo, Texas, Dr. Hodges has been performing both Advanced General Surgery and Weight-loss Surgery for 10 years. His team uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients the most comprehensive support for their bariatric procedure.

Design / Layout
Built from the ground up, the design and layout was geared for patients who are new to the idea of weight loss surgery, and those that are ready to take the next step, and get started.

Content Management System (Spinternet)
A custom Content Management System installation (Spinternet) allows Dr. Hodges and team the ability to both create new pages and update nearly all site content as needed. This includes headlines, copy, banners, forms, and more.

Video: Success Stories
Quite possibly the best way to sell a product or service, video Success Stories were created and produced by River Run Productions.

Mobile Website
A scaled, mobile version of the website utilizes existing content from Spinternet to avoid any need to duplicate content.


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