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PDCM Insurance

PDCM Insurance

By Marc Reifenrath on February 3, 2012 in New Websites

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new PDCM Insurance website. A leader in the Waterloo / Cedar Falls area for the management of your insurance needs, PDCM has a long history in the area (beginning in 1916). With over 80 years in the area, PDCM has become one of the most successful independent insurance agencies and consulting firms in Iowa.

Much like their dedication to highly responsive customer service, the new website shares familiar loyalty with a fresh look, new logo, and focus on user experience.


The new PDCM logo is just the start. It symbolizes their willingness to stay current with a bold typeface that redefines their standard of excellence.


Everything has been completely overhauled...from what the user sees on the frontend, to the programing powering the site on the backend. Much like the new logo, the new design is stylized and visually modern.

Site Structure
The structure follows category based content section making for an easy to browse experience.

Videos produced by River Run Productions highlight the benefits of choosing PDCM.

The search function serves as an easy way to find content on both pages and within documents (like pdfs) sitewide.

Spinternet, Custom CMS
With Spinternet powering the backend, editing the site's content is fast and easy. Plus, PDCM is taking full advantage of Spinternet's newest features including built-in Analytics, QR codes, and more.

Form Builder
Simply put, Spinternet makes building forms...simple. Forms for reporting a claim, requesting a quote, or everything in-between can be created using the Form Builder.


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