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Website Design for Puck Enterprises

New Website: Puck Custom Enterprises

By Eric Bonzer on July 8, 2016 in New Websites

PCE (Puck Custom Enterprises) is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of dragline systems. A dragline system is the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to utilize animal manure as a natural fertilizer to grow crops. 

Fortunately for us, you can't smell websites :)


Their current website was outdated and didn't match the rest of their marketing material. Over the past year it had been poorly maintained and they were unable to accommodate new products or features. 

New Website

PCE wanted a website that would allow customers to make an educated decision about their products before they call. The Spinutech team worked closely with Puck to design a website that matched the quality of design from PCE's print material. During the outline phase, we recommended they add a page to describe the "system" as a whole so customers could understand how it works. For edits, our content management system, Spinternet, allows them to log in and write blogs as well as make changes to content, text, and photos. We built the site "responsive" so it will look good on any device, big or small.

Website Design for Puck Custom Enterprises

What the Client had to Say

"The new website has been a huge success for us. Thank you again to your team for all the efforts!"

Nancy Trapolino
VP Marketing

Next Steps

We are currently working on an online parts store that will allow customers to buy replacement parts through the website and our digital marketing team is working on strategies for the next year. 

Visit the website

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