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Sassy Strawberry Web Design

Sassy Strawberry

By Marc Reifenrath on August 4, 2014 in New Websites

We’re excited to announce the new website launch of Sassy Strawberry!

A locally owned and operated frozen yogurt shop with multiple locations in both Iowa and Minnesota, yet Sassy's is no franchise. Fresh, quality frozen yogurt ingredients, over 80 toppings, and a love for sweets and a little sass made Sassy Strawberry come to life.

The brand new website is aimed at one thing, and one thing only...making your mouth water (or at least that's the general idea! :)...


What better way to make users hungry then to feature an enormous, "behind the scenes" style video showcasing the sweet treats Sassy's offers.

Sassy Strawberry

Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Froyo flavors are front and center, easily browsable on both desktop and mobile with a nifty image carousel slider.

Sassy Strawberry - Yogurt Flavors


While deliciousness is often the greater priority, nutrition information is readily available.

>Sassy Strawberry - Nutrition

Sassy Strawberry - Full Nutrition

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