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Liftoff, New Site Launch: SHAZAM

SHAZAM Site Launch

By Luke Baldwin on July 6, 2018 in New Websites

"We were looking for a partner that had experience and could share industry best practices. We found that partner in Spinutech."

SHAZAM is a national member-owned debit network, processor and core provider. Founded in 1976, SHAZAM delivers choice and flexibility to community financial institutions throughout the U.S. and is a single-source provider of the following services: debit card, core, fraud, ATM, merchant, marketing, training, risk, and ACH.


SHAZAM's former website was, in their own words, "outdated and stiff, which we don't want to be a reflection of who we are or the services we offer." Poor navigation created user inefficiencies while fragmented, non-relative content made the site fairly underwhelming and uninformative. Additionally, the site did not contain enough content to be relevant in search to connect with potential customers. Lastly, overall site design and presentation was not consistent with SHAZAM's new branding and display guidelines.

Primary Goals:

  • Generate more qualified leads and improve lead conversion
  • Build brand and unique value proposition awareness
  • Improve user satisfaction (experience) for both external and internal customers

New Website

SHAZAM puts a huge emphasis on customer service and building long-lasting relationships with those they serve. Spinutech worked with SHAZAM's outstanding marketing department to create a modern and professional website with a "client-first" approach, putting emphasis on SHAZAM's deep values and broad product and service offering. Through the use of responsive design and easy, intuitive navigation, we are able to move visitors through the site easily and quickly, connecting them to desired content through fewer clicks. Thoughtfully placed and worded calls-to-action increase the likelihood of qualified leads.

Through collaboration, we were able to work together with the SHAZAM staff to target high-value products and services in an effort to increase and enhance relative content for the site. We created a site framework that puts emphasis on connecting customers and potential customers with important information in as few clicks as possible, correcting the fragmented experience of the previous site.

In addition to being easier to navigate and more visually appealing, SHAZAM's new site with its improved sitemap and content has increased SHAZAM's visibility for branded and non-branded search terms.

Client Perspective

"Spinutech provided the guidance and expertise we needed in designing and developing our website. We were looking for a partner that had experience and could share industry best practices. We found that partner in Spinutech. They were always responsive to our questions and stayed on course with their project plan. We now have a great website thanks to Spinutech’s partnership.”

- Cindy Smith
SHAZAM | Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales Support

Check out the website

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