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By Marc Reifenrath on January 2, 2015 in New Websites

As a credit union, Veridian Credit Union is organized differently than other financial institutions by partnering with members to help create successful financial futures. In that same light, we parterned with Veridian to build and create a new web presence. While the website itself was expansive, the goals were simple: build an environment that focuses on the customer first, and pushes any "traditional" thinking aside. 

Focus on Content

The homepage has a large focus on content and the ability to deliver to new content on a regular basis. The feed combines articles with calendar events, alerts, and more.

Veridian home page

Related Content and Related Questions

At the bottom of each page, related content and related questions help users find additional information. Related content is pulled in via tags within Spinternet. Related Questions are pulled in from Veridian's third party "knowledge base".

Veridian knowledge base

Sitewide Tagging

All content can be tagged, literally anything. Traditional tags are limited to articles/blogs/etc, but with a custom installation of Spinternet we were able to allow for tagging on all forms of content.

Veridian content management system Spinternet

Rate Tables Responsive Breakdown

Simlar to the website itself, all rate tables break-down cleanly based on the user's device. It was important that not only was the website responsive, but the content within was as well.

Veridian rates table

Sticky Top Menu bar on scrolling

As users scroll through each page, the top menu bar reduces in size and sticks to the top of the screen so that the high level navigation is always a click away.

Video Token

Within Spinternet, Veridian was given the ability to setup videos in a shared video library. The videos produce a "token" that can be pasted onto any page of the site. The token then generates a video thumbnail that opens in a lightbox/modal window.

Veridian video token

Rates Admin/Tokens

Rates change very frequently, so an overarching rates admin was built to be administered in a centralized spot. Each rate gets a "token" that can be pasted wherever on the site and as many times as needed. 


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