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Liftoff, New Site Launch: VT Industries

VT Industries Site Launch

By Luke Baldwin on March 1, 2017 in New Websites

From concept to execution, the partnership we've cultivated with Spinutech as we built our new website has been refreshing and productive.

Trisha Schmitt
VP Corporate Marketing
VT Industries, Inc.

VT Industries Inc. is a professional manufacturer of quality commercial wood doors, laminate countertops, stone surfaces and other crafts with beautiful design possibilities. Renowned for their extraordinary customer service across the architectural product industry, they deliver products on time and to specification, as well as provide support during all phases of the project. 


VT Industries' former website was outdated and unresponsive to tablet and mobile devices. Navigation through the various products was not overly intuitive and included a lot of redundancy, making it equally difficult for them to maintain. Most importantly, there was no clear call to action or intended path for the user to take.

New Website

Our staff worked with the marketing department at VT Industries (who, it's worth noting, were phenomenal) to create a professional, progressive, and somewhat untraditional design that put the focus on the product and features as opposed to large blocks of content. We wanted users to come away with a strong understanding of product detail and value, but also gain a sense of how the product would look and feel in their own environment. We wanted to create a somewhat emotional attachment to the product. This concept was reinforced through new functionality such as Get Ideas, Architectural Finishes & Colors, and Tops & Surfaces Materials & Colors.

When asked about the process, Trisha Schmitt, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for VT Industries, Inc. said, "From concept to execution, the partnership we've cultivated with Spinutech as we built our new website has been refreshing and productive. The entire team worked diligently to understand not only our products, but our business and values as a company. The end result is a website that perfectly reflected our brand's vision, as well as improving the user experience."

The finished site has an almost museum-like feel to it, similar to looking at pieces of art rather than simply reviewing building materials. Navigating the site is now an experience as opposed to just a task.

Referencing a continued relationship with Spinutech, Trisha went on to say, "Moving forward, we're looking to fine-tune our digital strategy and are excited about leveraging Spinutech's expertise in this area to achieve both short and long term goals."

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